Worry Free WiFi


With Alsat's Worry Free Wifi, we take the worry out of your WiFi connection. For a small monthly fee, we'll ensure you're quickly reconnected after inconvenient router failures.


Router failure is inevitable over-time, but with Worry Free WiFi, you'll never need to purchase another router. If your router fails, we'll replace it!


Routers can fail without warning and after a single year of use. Large out of pocket expenses are a thing of the past with Alsat's Worry Free WiFi.

Alsat's Worry Free WiFi

Alsat Wireless is pleased to offer Worry Free WiFi, a new subscription service available as an add on to your existing internet service with us! Worry Free WiFi takes the worry out of your WiFi connection.

This Optional Service Includes:

  • The use of one of our special Managed Routers – No longer will you need to purchase another router due to failure or obsolescence, as long as you maintain your Worry Free subscription, we have you covered ¹.
  • Extend our included support to your wireless router ² – Not sure how to change your password or power cycle your router? Having trouble connecting a new device to your wireless network? Having trouble connecting a new device to your network?

¹  Does not cover acts of God, or intentional damage to equipment.

²  Applies to general router functions only. Does not include special router configurations,
which would be an additional charge.

To Add Worry Free Wifi To Your Current Plan:

  • As a new customer: Just indicate you want the subscription on the application. There is a one time $60 Setup/Configuration fee for the router (this is in addition to any Setup fees associated with installation of your internet service), and a recurring $ 8 monthly subscription fee.
  • As an existing customer: Call us at 573-564-2031, email us at support@alsatwireless.com, or open a support ticket at portal.alsatwireless.com and let us know you want to add the subscription. There is a one time $60 Setup/Configuration fee for the router, and a recurring $ 8 monthly subscription fee. If you have purchased a router from us in the past, we will give you a $30 credit towards the Setup/Configuration fee with trade in.

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